Speakers at Whaiora O Ngā Iwi Taketake 2024

Ashleigh Rogde-Berryman (Kaiarahi i tēnei kaupapa) and myself had the privilege of speaking at the inaugural ‘Whaiora O Ngā Iwi Taketake | Indigenous Wellbeing Conference,’ in May 2024 – a significant four-day event dedicated to indigenous wellbeing and knowledge sharing. Held by Te Hononga, the conference brought together a diverse array of voices and perspectives from across the globe.

Our kōrero was in the middle of the first day on the mainstage for a breakout session titled “Empowering Whānau with Mātauranga.” This was a particularly special moment as it was the first time Ash and I had co-presented at an event of this magnitude.

In our presentation, we introduced our kaupapa, which introduced tūpuna parenting and focused on empowering whānau through mātauranga. We shared personal stories from our whānau, highlighting the importance of whānau pūrākau as sources of wisdom and inspiration. Our session concluded with an insightful Q&A segment, where we engaged with the audience and addressed a range of thoughtful questions.

The entire day was a wonderful experience for us, enriched by the presence of esteemed keynote speakers such as Dr. Ash Puriri, Aboriginal advocate Bettina Danganbarr, and Lebanese cultural leader Chadia Hajjar. Their powerful presentations underscored the conference’s theme of learning from one another and the collective strength of indigenous knowledge.

Dr. Ash Puriri’s address was particularly enlightening, offering deep insights into the intersections of health, culture, and identity. Bettina Danganbarr shared her experiences and the challenges faced by Aboriginal communities, while Chadia Hajjar provided a unique perspective on the Lebanese indigenous experience and its relevance to broader indigenous struggles.

This conference was a celebration of indigenous resilience, wisdom, and unity. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have participated in this landmark event and to have shared our journey with such a receptive audience.


A heartfelt thank you to Ashleigh Rogde-Berryman for co-presenting with me, and to the organisers of the ‘Whaiora O Ngā Iwi taketake | Indigenous Wellbeing Conference’ for creating a platform where indigenous voices can be heard and celebrated. Tihei, mauri ora!