Keynote at the 2023 NBPSA Annual Conference in Darwin, Australia

As a keynote presenter at the 2023 NBPSA Annual Conference in Darwin, Australia, Elizabeth had the privilege of addressing a diverse audience of health professionals from the Australasian Society of Development Paediatrics. The conference theme, “Culturally Diverse Developmental Paediatrics,” highlighted the importance of understanding the unique cultural influences that shape a child’s identity and developmental journey.

During my presentation, I focused on the need to challenge stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding Māori culture. While many people associate tūpuna Māori with the image of fierce warriors, it is important to remember that these warriors also practiced gentle and respectful parenting. This aspect of Māori culture, often overshadowed by the “Once Were Warriors” stereotype, holds valuable lessons for modern parenting.

As well as a keynote, Elizabeth also facilitated a workshop with a mostly Pakeha group of 40 people, giving them tools and strategies to approach and engage with whānau from a different cultural background, encouraging a culturally respectful approach through attendees sharing their experiences and past successes. Both the presentation and workshop were well received with positive comments in the feedback by conference attendees.

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