Ngākau Aroha

For Kaimahi (staff) Who Support Māori Whānau

Tūpuna Māori whānau with a tohunga performing a tohi ceremony for their pepi

Our tūpuna didn’t smack or yell at their tamariki - and most whānau today don’t know that.

How do we share this with all whānau?

The Tūpuna Parenting movement needs more voices, more leaders, learning this kaupapa in-depth .

How do we grow more voices and leaders?

There needs to be more experts trained in this mātauranga (knowledge) to share it with whānau in detail.

Ngākau Aroha Parenting is about creating more leaders in the Tūpuna Parenting movement.

We will teach you about tūpuna parenting mātauranga, grounded in the tapu and mana of pēpi, and give you tools to share these kōrero with whānau as part of your daily practice.

You will be able to inspire and empower them to be gentle, respectful and loving parents and whānau, just like our tūpuna were. 

Tupuna Nanny cuddling moko
Tupuna Nanny with her tamariki

Why Learn this Kaupapa?

Reclaiming our whakapapa​

Our tūpuna were gentle and respectful parents and whānau, before the colonials imposed their parenting on Māori.

Breaking stereotypes

Once Were Warriors was not how we parented. We were great warriors, but those warriors were raised gently.

Inspiring change

Helping whānau finding inspiring stories from their whakapapa, or sharing our tūpuna stories can empower them to parent differently.

Heashot of a Māori woman, Cara Tuala, in a potae wearing a heart shaped taonga

When pepi was born, I was able to weave in that their baby is born tapu, born with mana, that he doesn’t need to earn that right, and to nurture that. I have now been back into her home and I can see the change already and it’s only been a few weeks – so imagine a few months’ time. Being part of this movement I honestly will always be grateful for.

Cara Tuala (Ngāpuhi/Ngati Mahia)

Kaiāwhina, Whānau Āwhina Plunket

After completing Ngākau Aroha, you will have:

1. Gained an understanding of tapu and mana

that pēpi are born with, the foundations of tūpuna parenting, starting with the atua (spirit world).

2. Learned tūpuna parenting mātauranga (knowledge)

Including whakatauki, waiata oriori, atua pūrākau and early explorer accounts.

3. Developed connections between your whānau

and tūpuna parenting ways, guiding you on a personal journey.

4. Related tūpuna parenting to modern whānau

situations so you can provide practical advice to the whānau you support.

5. Practised introducing this kaupapa to whānau

considering different whānau, ages/stages of pēpi and tamariki, and varying backgrounds you will encounter.

6. Familiarised with the cards, videos and resources

that you will use to support including this kaupapa into your daily practice with whānau.

Our Kaiako - Teachers

Headshot of Elizabeth Emere Harte

Elizabeth Emere Harte MEngSc

Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Porou

Inspired by her mother’s and grandmother’s work, Elizabeth is applying her years of experience in user experience, designing for customers and strategy planning to this kaupapa. Her very technical background was as a software developer (BSc(Hons)) and Roboticist (MEngSc) before moving into strategy, leadership and planning roles. She learnt about tūpuna parenting ways in detail from her Mum in the years before Helen passed away. Elizabeth’s other mahi is as māmā to three tamariki, who she treasures and adores.

Dr Hirini Kaa

Dr Hirini Kaa

Ngāti Porou, Ngāti Kahungunu and Rongowhakaata

As well as being Chairman for this kaupapa, Dr Kaa is Archdeacon for Mātauranga in the Anglican Church and a social justice advocate. He is passionate about child welfare, just as his father, Dr Hone Kaa, was before him. He holds a PhD in history from the University of Auckland and is author of an award-winning book, Te Hāhi Mihinare – The Māori Anglican Church, about iwi engagement with Christianity and how Māori adapted it to make it our own.

Woman sitting on floor reading a picture book to a young girl

Our people have a beautiful and inspiring whakapapa of traditional indigenous parenting that is whānau centered, gentle and loving.

Roana Archbold (Ngāti Tuwharetoa)

Health Promoter/Programmes Facilitator, Tē Puawaitanga Ki Ōtautahi Trust

Want to include your tūpuna?

Ka pai, we’re happy to customise the learning journey for the rohe, hapū and iwi that you’re in. Message us and we can have a hui about your needs.

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